My name is Miriam and I wish to give you seeds of inspiration and solutions.
I am Italian but I consider myself rather European citizen. I live between Germany and Italy and have quite international connections and friends.

Why this blog?

Since my dissertation for University, I love the idea of simplifying everyday choices and navigating the amount of information and offers we get on a daily base. We all have too much doubts, fears and stuff to do, too many thoughts and inputs… and little time and capacity to actually stop and decide properly. What is best for me, for others and for the environment we live in?
People are usually full of certainties and approach things with black&white attitude, when their complexity would rather require a “grey” opinion and the flexibility of allowing multiple solutions. What elements make me choose among alternatives?
As I am a good Italian, part of the blog will be on food and cooking, and ow you can organise to be easy, quick and enjoy delicious inventions of yours. How can you cook all (yummy) meals with 2-3 hours per week?

Yet, it is easier than we think to contribute to the a healthy economy and the sustainability of our planet, revert our tendency to want-it-all despite people and nature suffering, and (most important of all) cultivate our own happiness in a value-base mind set, starting little by little with curiosity and open heart.

Dreaming of a better world where everybody is happy and in harmony with nature, I try to support this vision with everything I learnt so far and my aptitude to connect strange dots and find synergy and collaboration between different (seemingly) separated fields. Striving for little steps of awareness and action on small and big things… I will give “un seme alla volta” – a seed at a time. I will be happy to explore further topics and ideas, following the flow, your suggestions and need to solve the doubts. I have plenty of great friends and colleagues who will help us in fields I have no expertise on.
My wish to communicate seemingly (or really) complex aspects of our daily life choices in an easy way will lead my fingers on the keyboard for your ease. 

Seeing connections and new possibilities has triggered paradigm shifts in my mind that affected a variety of other aspects of my life – who knows if one seed of mine will do the same for you?

Get in touch with me

I would be glad to know who reads this blog, as well as your feedback and inputs – if you have suggestions for improvements or questions, if you find anything is incomplete, incomplete or wish to suggest a theme for a new seed, if you just want to say ciao, feel free to connect and drop me a message via email or in the comment field.

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Ciao, have a nice day!

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